MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants FULL List 2018 & Meet the Top 20 Contestants

MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants list 2018

As the air is filled with different rumors about the most popular youth show Roadies X6 Xtreme. Roadies craze among youngsters is just on another sky. As the auditions are airing on the television and we all are loving watching it. In actuality, the audition schedule has been wrapping up a while ago and now roadies team is in Shillong shooting for the Roadies X6 Xtreme journey. The most awaited journey of the year for the roadies lovers.

The contestants who want to be part of Roadies X6 Xtreme have to qualify personal interview round and after clearing the personal interview it is not sure that they will be a part of roadies Xtreme journey. Yes, they have to clear one more round to be sure that they will be on the journey of Roadies Xtreme that round is culling round. This is the key to get right on the journey of the roadies Xtreme.

As according to sources there are 20 contestants who have been qualified the round and will go straight on the Roadies Xtreme journey.  Those 20 contestants are named below:

1.kashish (Delhi audition)

The handsome hunk and desi Munda from Delhi audition made his way on the journey of the roadies. The first contestant who is definitely going to the journey of roadies Xtreme is Kashish from Delhi. Kashish is a dancer by profession and he is really physically fit and active that made his way to roadies journey.

2.Shruti Singh (Pune auditions)

Thr girl with grace and the lady with class Shruti Sinha who gave audition from Pune and basically she belongs to Pune is the fourth contestant who got the key to the journey of the roadies Xtreme. Shruti Sinha is a fabulous trained dancer and she is a professional dancer. Her dance proved her luck charm and helped her to get right into the journey of the Roadies Xtreme.

3.Vidit Sharma (Pune audition)

The chocolate boy from the Pune audition who got the key to roadies Xtreme journey is Vidit Sharma. Vidit Sharma is another contestant from Pune who got selected for roadies Xtreme journey. His story burst gang leaders into tears but all he was doing is a smile that is enough to prove how strong vidit Sharma is. Now only her emotional story his strength also helped him to get the key to the journey.

4.Mini Rohila (Pune audition)

The chatterbox alert and the bubbly girl from Pune auditions is the sixth contestant who got the key and definitely going on the journey of the roadies. Mini had to face a competitor in the personal Interview round and after defeating her she got the key to roadies journey.

5.Nishkarsh Arora

The sweet innocent looking guy who directly got the key to the journey is Nishkarsh Arora. Nishkarsh Arora is a pro in human flag and shocked everyone by his amazing talent and sprinkle his charm all over. The last contestant on the list Nishkarsh Arora is the seventh contestant who got the key to the Roadies Xtreme journey.

6. Priya (Pune Auditions)

The time Roadies is high this time on girl power. The live example of girl power is Priya who is the  8th contestant of the roadies Xtreme. She has suffered long way just because of being a girl she had to face a lot but she bounces back and proved herself. Priya physical strength was just mind-blowing that impressed judges and make her way to the finale after beating a contestant in interview round.


7. Bibek bora(Kolkata auditions)

The house of talent, the multitalented guy came from Assam representing northeast India, Bibek Bora is the next contestant who got the key to the journey of the roadies extreme. An actor and 2012 &2013 national player bibek bora impress judges by his physical strength and strong determination that made his way to journey of roadies Xtreme and Roadies Xtreme got its one more contestant for the journey.


8. Sonu Jat (Kolkata audition)

The cuteness with power Sonu jat, the international powerlifter and one of the top 65 candidates selected for WWE from India is the next contestant in the list of top 17 contestants who are going to the journey of the Roadies Xtreme this year. Sonu Jat impresses judges by his extreme fitness strength and cuteness. The powerful guy from Kolkata auditions came from Indore is the next contestant who will compete with 16 other contestants.


9. Abhishek Dubey (Pune Auditions)

The musical guy from Pune auditions Abhishek Dubey is the next name in the list of Roadies X contestant who is going to the journey of Roadies Xtreme. Abhishek Dubey impress judges with his guitar skills and physical strength that made his path towards roadies journey. You will see Abhishek Dubey competing with other 16 contestants for the roadies Xtreme title.

10. Shubhada Nishtala (Delhi Auditions)

The trained classical dancer representing south India from Delhi auditions Subhada Nishtala is the next contestant who will be there on Roadies Xtreme Journey. The girl with million of dreams in her eyes and having extremely beautiful dance skills impress judges by her dance and physical strength as well as mental. She opened the doors of roadies for herself by her graceful dance and attitude. Subhada Nishtala is another name in the list of girl squad of roadies.

11.Preeti kuntal (Delhi Auditions)

The girl having the zeal of self-respect and girl power in her eyes Preeti Kuntal from Delhi audition will be next contestant on the journey of roadies Xtreme. By breaking all stereotypes and being a powerlifter and a bike rider she proved the girl power. She impressed judges by her never giving up attitude and her physical strength that was beyond awesome. Preeti kuntal is another name who will compete for the title of Roadies Xtreme and she will be a tough competitor for all.

12. Geetika sood (Chandigarh Audition)

The bubbly girl from Chandigarh auditions is another name adding to the list of contestants who will compete with each other for the title of Roadies Extreme this year. Geetika sood impressed judges by her physical strength and attitude that made her way on the journey of roadiesXtreme. The fitness bar of girls this year is way too high as well competition. Stay tuned for roadies as the excitement is way too high for the journey of the roadies.

13.Sandy Sha

15.Samiksha Malik

16.Kriti Verma


18.Pavneet Singh Baggah

19. Rohan (American Army Man)

This is the exclusive list you will not find anywhere on the internet. Above is the list of all 20 contestants who got the key to roadies Xtreme journey and you will see them on the journey. Till then stay tuned with us for more updates and exclusive news.MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants list 2018MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants list 2018MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants list 2018

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